Lesha (pumpkin_faerie) wrote in fashionlounge,

Oh, How Adorable!

Adorable-Hair-Accessory is the spot to shop for Crystal Hair Accessories to add elegance and
style. They have Swarovski hair accessories to give you a new hair style. If you have short hair
or long hair, new hair accessories will help you make beautiful hair updos as well as cute short
hair dos. If you want a womans hair style that has a unique hair design, their hair accessory
selection will give you just what you need. If you are looking for Swarovski tiara's they have
them too. For a new hairstyle, a Swarovski crystal hair accessory can be the perfect hair
product for you. Long hair and short hair alike can look beautiful if accessorized.
If this is not what you're looking for, don't be discouraged! They also sell crystal jewelry,
bridal hair accessories, Betty Boop merchandise and much more! Be sure to check out the items that they
have on SALE!!

We *heart* the cell phone charm with 5 Swarovski crystal heart charms ($24.95). This adorable cell phone charm is cast in silver metal. Each crystal is in a basket. There is Pink, light purple, purple, green and blue heart crystals on the cell phone charm. The links measure 2.25 inches from the first to the last heart. This is a must have in every girl's wardrobe. Dress up your phone with a classy heart cell phone charm.

There's lots of sparkle at
Adorable-Hair-Accessory. The Butterfly Poppy Bangle Bracelet ($24.95)
Is a designer inspired braclet. This new style bracelet is simply stunning. It has a large
beautiful enamel frosted flower with lovely Swarovski Crystals in the center. On the other side
is a wonderful butterfly design.

We are enamored with the butterfly bobby pins as well! Two hair pins with butterfly decoration made with Swarovski crystals ($14.95). The decoration on this item is 1.5" long and the butterfly has a wingspan of .7". These are cast in black metal and are available in Amethyst and Topaz.

Butterflies and flowers are the theme of this crystal bobby pin. The decoration of the crystal bobby pin measures nearly 2 inches long by .6 inch tall. In the center of the crystal bobby pin there is a butterfly with three marquis Swarovski crystals. Surrounding the butterfly there are flower clusters. The Small Butterfly Crystal Bobby Pin ($18.95) comes in Amethyst, Blue, Crystal, Multi, Peridot and Pink
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