FiveTone (fivetones) wrote in fashionlounge,

New Rock Rebel and Sailor Jerry

Howdy Rockers!

Just in are some rockin’ new styles from Rock Rebel, and from the granddaddy of tattoo artists, the man who taught Don Ed Hardy how to hold an ink gun- Sailor Jerry.

For women, we've got new dresses and t shirts, including a few exclusives which are not available on the Sailor Jerry website. Or how about a new bag to match your fabulous new dress? Well you’re in luck ‘cuz we’ve got everything you need.

For men we’ve got some cool new Sailor Jerry tattoo t shirts, and western shirts. We also have some new Rock Rebel belts and AWESOME buckles in stock too, which would look mighty fine with your new Sailor Jerry western shirt. Now all you need are some Sailor Jerry playing cards, some Sailor Jerry Pint Glasses, and you've got yourself a party!

Don't forget, shipping is FREE for purchases over $75, and Live Journal friends get 10% off with this code: livejournalrocks

See ya later partner!

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